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Learning activities set 20th April 2020

Hello Badgers!

I hope you’ve all had a really lovely Easter break and haven’t eaten too much chocolate…..

I’ve loved seeing how well you are getting on, so keep posting your pictures to Twitter (@drwalker_s) or emailing them directly to me ( so I can add them to our class celebrations.

Remember, the activities will be replaced each week so save any documents you may need from here. Don’t feel you have to print any of the documents included; they are there to support.


Missing you all lots

Miss Morley J

English Writing Task

Write a diary entry (or maybe a series of diary entries) from the point of view of someone on board Titanic. You could write in role of a poor passenger in 3rd class, a rich passenger in 1st class or even the captain!

Features of a diary

  • Has a clear introduction to set the scene and create atmosphere
  • Use adventurous vocabulary to describe the places where events happen
  • Is written in past tense
  • Is written as if the writer is talking to someone (using an informal, chatty tone)
  • Is written in first person, using personal pronouns (I, we, me, my, our)
  • Talks about feelings, reactions and opinions from the writer’s point of view
  • Uses time conjunctions to show when things happened
  • Written in paragraphs

Chapter 12

Chapter 13



Morse code is a way of communicating through combinations of long and short sounds that represent the alphabet.


Have a go at sending or writing a message in Morse code for someone at home to solve.


Imagine you are on board the Titanic. You look out of the small, round porthole. What do you see?


Create a piece of porthole artwork showing what you can see out of Titanic’s window. You could show your loved ones waving goodbye as you set sail, or maybe even the first sighting of the iceberg.


You can use the template provided, create your own or use recycled materials (like a paper plate) to create your porthole artwork.


Design and Technology

Create a lucky charm for someone who is about to set sail on the Titanic. Be as creative as you like – good luck charms are personal so there’s no right or wrong way to make one.

Some ideas could include

  • A four leaf clover charm
  • A piece of jewellery with a special message engraved
  • A piece of sewing


Add your lucky charm to your scrapbook


With someone from your family, create a freeze frame showing a scene from on board the Titanic. You are not being asked to watch the film, but your parents might be able to tell you about some of the famous scenes from it. If they don’t know the film very well, why not pretend to be waving goodbye to a family member you are leaving behind or act out being the captain. I can’t wait to see your pictures!


Research an animal from either the North Pole or the South Pole. What does it look like? What does it eat? Does it use camouflage to stay safe? I don’t know much about the animals that live in the Polar Regions and I’m looking forward to you teaching me about them. As always, present your learning in a way that interests you.


The one where we learn basic rhythms and then play your name




Journaling Prompt – 30 things that make me happy


Mindfulness – Take a walk and concentrate on the act of walking. What movements does each leg perform in each stride? What part of your foot hits the ground first? What does the ground feel like underneath your feet?


Thought of the Week – Would you rather have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot?


Dear God,

We thank you for healing the sick and giving them new life,

Thank you to the doctors, nurses and carers, as they act as heroes in our community.

In difficult times, keep them strong; and when their work is done, may we show them kindness, always.