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Learning Activities Set Monday 20th April 2020

Happy Monday Everyone! 


We hope you are okay! Here are your activities for this week! 


Remember to email us if you need help or want to show off some fantastic work!

Varjak Paw Chapter 2

Still image for this video

Varjak Paw Chapter 3

Still image for this video


Again, you have two tasks:

1. Another SPaG mat to download below.

2. Create a diary entry as explained on the video. This can be one diary entry explaining everything or lots of short diaries. Think about how to tell the story from Varjak's point of view. Remember to use 'I, me, my' because your diary will be written in the first person. Think of different ways to explain how things were said and done too. Make it exciting! See if you can pack some emotion into there too!



As well as making sure you get onto Sumdog, there are two tasks for Maths this week.

The first task is a Maths of the Day activity you can do at home. Make sure you open up the one for your year group. I've chosen activities that link to what you have already been learning in Maths for extra practice.


Year 3 - Yours is Finding Fractions

Year 4 - Yours is Fractions Quest


The second task is to use the video on the White Rose Maths Website and complete the lessons beginning Summer Term Week 1, there is one lesson per day. You can complete as many as you wish. The choice is yours.

The links are below! 


This should be a nice, relaxing piece of Art! Follow the instructions and have a look at the example to make your own piece of Silhouette Art. Remember to share them with us!

Design and Technology

This activity might be easier once you have had a look at the History activity! Can you design a school for Pharaohs? Think about the success criteria - what will it need to be the most successful? Can you build it with recycled materials too? Or maybe you have lego at home that you want to build it with! 

If you want a template, I've attached one below!


There are two activities again for Science this week. The first is learning about The Water Cycle and the second is an investigation. You will find the Water Cycle Powerpoint below with a diagram. You can either copy the diagram and complete it or you can print it and complete it. It's up to you!

Science Investigation

Find 3 different materials you have around the house (tin/paper/ etc.) .
Predict which will dry first and write it down with a reason. Soak with water (make sure you work out how to do this fairly!) and leave them in the same place to dry. Make observations by checking regularly and record how fast they are drying. Explain why you think one was quicker than the others. Use pictures and diagrams to help explain your investigation.


What do you think life was like in Ancient Egypt? Write down some ideas before you find out! 

Go through the Powerpoint (as a slideshow! Press F5 when you open it up!) and complete the different activities. You can set this out as a double information page in your book. You will also find pictures of daily life that you can use to help your learning.


What do you know about the River Nile? How was it used? 
Do you know what countries it flows through? 

1. Draw a map and label the countries, make sure the River Nile is clearly labelled and goes through all of the countries. 

2. Create a 'Guide to the River Nile'. Use pictures to explain why it was so useful. You could set this out with picture flaps or pop ups or any other way that takes your fancy!

I've attached some information below to help you!

Implications for safety

Imagine you want to send a private message to a friend through the post. In how many ways could someone either read your message or change it to a different message?
Would you, or your friend, be able to tell that this had happened?

On the internet, information travels in little packets of information by making hops from the person who sent it all the way to the person who receives it. 
On the way, this information can be read. How does that make you feel?

You may have seen this padlock, or one like it, on the address bar for websites.

What I would like you to do is try and find out why websites have it, what this padlock is for and how it helps to keep your information safe. 


This week, have a look and join in with Myleene Klass' music lesson. I've attached one below, but there are lots more on her Youtube channel that you can join in with!

The one where we learn basic rhythms and then play your name


This week, you can get stuck in with some dance as well as Joe Wicks and his P.E. lessons! See if you can get your grown up to send us some action shots of you keeping fit! I know I will need to join in after eating all of that Easter chocolate! Sssh! Don't tell Mr Walker!

I LIKE TO MOVE IT - MADAGASCAR 12 min Routine with Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure


This week I'd like you to explore the main beliefs of Christianity. Again, I don't expect you to write anything for this but I would like you to discuss it with someone, whether it's someone at home or on a phone call/video chat with a family member or friend! 


Mrs Dawson has sent me a French counting video for you to try and join in with! How high can you go? See if you can get higher everyday! 

French numbers 1-100

Mindfulness Activities

It's important to take some time to chill out too! As I'm sure you are all working super hard! 

Here are two activities for you this week: 

1. Complete a journaling page like you have been doing in school. This time I would like you to use the prompt 'If I was a colour...'

2. Use the colouring sheets to print out or draw them and colour in. Whichever you would prefer.


I won't fret and I won't worry
Instead I'll hurry to pray.

I'll turn my problems into petitions

And lift my hands in praise.

I'll say goodbye to all my fears,

His presence sets me free

Although I may not understand

I feel God's peace in me.