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Learning activities set 1st June 2020

Hello Badgers,


How are you all?  How was your half term?  I hope you took some time out from home learning and had a relaxing break even though it has been a different half term to normal.  We have had a lovely half term. We've enjoyed the sun and our garden and took a break also from home learning.  We were very excited to watch Falcon 9 launch on Saturday night from NASA.  Did you watch it?  If you did not, I recommend you do as it was very interesting as well as exciting. The only thing was it made me desperately want to be back in my favourite place, Florida!  I was last at NASA in August 2016 and it made me really think back to my happy place. What or where is your happy place?

Anyway, now, I’m not the person you are expecting to be writing this! It is not Miss Morley, It’s Mrs Dawson! 

It seems such a long time ago since I saw you all face to face.  I have been looking at your work on Twitter and on the website and it all looks great and I’m so proud of you all for your home learning and efforts.

Now, you may be wondering why its myself and not Miss Morley here! Well, Miss Morley is going to be back in the classroom from next week welcoming those children back who are returning to school. Therefore, I have taken over the home learning for this half term.

I’m really excited to be planning your home learning especially as this is my favourite topic ‘WW1’.  I loved it when I was at school myself and have always loved teaching it whether it’s in KS1 or KS2.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I will be uploading your work each week and Miss Morley has asked if she can still read you the Power of reading book and of course I have said yes.  So each week you will still be able to see Miss Morley!  She will read a couple of chapters of the new book each week and send them to me so I can add them on here for you all.

We will both still be looking out for your tweets on any work you complete and if you have any questions or would like to send myself any pictures etc then please do so at or you can continue to message Miss Morley as she has also said she would still love to hear from you.

Have a great first week of our new topic ‘WW1’.

Mrs Dawson smiley


Power of Reading


The book Miss Morley will be reading to you is;

'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo.



Private Peaceful chapter 1

Private Peaceful chapter 2




1. Your first task is to write down a set of questions that you would like to ask Tommo after listening to chapters 1 and 2 from the story.  You can record these as a list with bullet points or numbers or using post-it-notes or in another way you find suitable.


2. SPAG mats-


Both sets have 6 pages to the document. Please choose whether you will complete the 1 *, 2 ** or 3  activity (pages 1-3).  The answers for the 3 activities are on pages 4-6.



SPAG Tasks and Answers



This week I will add links to the Oak National Academy website.  For both Years 5 and 6 the links will take to the lessons beginning June 1st.  Please select the maths lessons and the day of the week.  You will find a lesson for everyday of the week  I would like you all to complete Mondays task, but then I will leave the rest up to you!  Is there another lesson in the week that appeals to you?  Is there one that you would like to refresh/recap? Is there a lesson that you are not sure of at all? or do you want to challenge yourself and complete all 5?  I'll let you make the decision!



1.  Forces

What makes an aircraft fly?

Please watch the YouTube video below to find out the answers?  What are the 4 main forces?

Please record your answers in a format of your choice.  I'm happy for you to design a poster, information leaflet, fact page etc.


How Do Planes Fly?

For an object that can weigh up to 500 tons, how can a giant piece of metal fly and stay up in the sky? For a plane to stay in flight it needs four forces to...

2. Investigation

'Which plane travels the furthest?

Different paper aeroplanes travel in different ways; heights, speeds and distances etc.

There are lots of different paper aeroplanes you can make.  Can you look for say maybe 3 different types of aeroplanes( different designs) and make them.

Then can you design and carry out an investigation to find out; 'Which paper plane travels the furthest?'

How are you going to make it a fair test? Will you have any variables? record your results and write up your science investigation.  Don't forget what you need when you write up a science investigation e.g;  Aim, Prediction, Method, Diagrams, Results, Conclusions etc.



Find out all about 'How did the WW1 start?'  

watch the PowerPoint presentation.

Can you produce a fact sheet/booklet/poster with the main facts you have learnt from the PowerPoint.



Lets find out all about the Allies!  I've attached an information sheet below to help you work out what countries to colour on the second map sheet. I've also attached the answers if you need them to check!



Can you design a uniform for a soldier in the war?  It could be for a male or female.  Think about what its purpose is?  Will it need pockets to carry anything?  What colour would be best? What material would be best? I will let you decide how you will  produce this and what media you will use? Can you also add notes around it giving reasons for your choices.


Examples of Uniforms

Computing and Design Technology


Over the next few weeks I will be asking you to design and make an Aircraft Model. 


Computing-  start researching what WW1 aircrafts looked like.

Design Technology- start drawing a few sketches with your first ideas and thoughts for you model.





We will be thinking about 'Peace' this half term.





Journaling Prompt-

Quarantine has taught me...


Thought of the week-

Would you rather be an aeroplane or a helicopter?


Take a moment-




Have a great week, Lets hope for another sunny week and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you.


Keep Safe

Mrs Dawsonsmiley

A message from Miss Morley 

Welcome back badgers