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Learning Activities Set- 15th June 2020

Hi Badgers,

Another week completed of work for you.  You are doing amazing and we are so proud of you all! We love seeing what you have been up to so please don’t forget to tweet any work on the school Twitter account or send me an email at and I will share it in our celebration folder on the website.

Have you have a good week?  The weather hasn’t been great but I hope that hasn’t stopped you?  We have had a busy week of building, playing with trains and cars and making some cakes.

Lets hope for a week of sunshine!

Mrs Dawson

Power Of Reading

Here are the next 3 chapters;

Private peaceful chapter 5

Private peaceful chapter 6

Private Peaceful Chapter 7



You have 2 tasks again this week.


Task 1-

SPAG activity which is attached below.

Task 2-


Reading comprehension on WW1.   Choose if you would like to complete 1 *, 2** or 3 *** activity.



This week I have set you 2 tasks from the BBC bitesize website.


Year 5

Your first lesson is on time and your second lesson is on percentages.


Year 6

You have 2 lessons on equations; the first is one step and the second is 2 step.


Science and Computing


Task 1


Many scientific advances occurred during WW1 as a direct consequence of the war. For example, synthetic rubber was developed in Germany as the allies cut off the supply of natural rubber to the country. Marie Curie developed portable x-ray machines that could be used at the front. Research some of the scientific advances that occurred in WW1.


Task 2


make a fact file about one of the scientific advances that interests you the most.



‘Spies!’ you will be finding out about Marthe Mathilde Cnockaert.  Use the first attachment ‘fact file’ to find out about her. Using the fact cards or the internet complete attachment 2 ‘profile sheet’.  Using the ideas sheet (4) can you then produce another activity?  I cant wait to see your report, radio report or board game!



Can you make a 3d poppy?



salt dough, from a paper plate, using collage, playdough, plasticine, modelling clay etc.  I have attached some pictures below for ideas.




can you try a WW1 recipe?



Follow this link for information on your task.



Follow this link for information on your task.



This week you will be thinking about ‘Comparisons across religions'.  First of all look through the PowerPoint then complete the 2 different tasks.



Journaling Prompt-

I’ve realised I’ve been taking….. for granted.


Thought of the week-

Would you rather be incredibly funny or incredibly smart?


Take a moment-

Shoulder and Scalp Massage
Give your head and neck a massage. Rub, pat, stroke and tap your scalp with your fingers. Massage one shoulder with the opposite hand and change over.

Father's Day


Don't forget this Sunday 21st is Father's Day!

Here's a few ideas you could do for your special dad, step dad, grandad or uncle;


1.  Make a card

2.  Write an acrostic poem or a poem of your choice about your dad.

3.  Make a piece of 3D art (their favourite thing, interest or hobby)

4. Bake their favourite cake/biscuits.

5. Make a special Lockdown family piece of Art.

6. Plan and make their favourite breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7. 10 reasons why I love you...

8. Paint a special Father's Day 'I love you' pebble.

9. Plan a special day for them.

10. Design a family lockdown quiz, treasure hunt etc.


Be sure to upload any of the activities you carry out. 




I’ve attached a prayer below.


Have a safe week

Mrs Dawson smiley