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Learning Activities Set 13th July 2020

This week we are learning about the history of entertainment


When I was in primary school, my dad told me I had to watch the Charlie Chaplin film 'The Kid'. The film was in black and white and didn't have any talking - I absolutely did not want to watch it! I reluctantly sat there, just to stop him moaning at me, and ended up watching the most incredible film! Since that day, back in 1990 something wink, 'The Kid' has become one of my all time favourite films...ever!


This week, I'd like you to watch 'The Kid' and to let me know what you think of it. Why not have a go at filming your own silent movie or create a storyboard of your own ideas.  

Movie: The Kid (1921) - Charlie Chaplin


For our entertainment themed week have a go at the following:

  • Analyse an old film poster
  • Compare football kits from the past to football kits now
  • Research the 1966 World Cup final and create a newspaper report
  • Learn some dance moves from the swinging sixties
  • With your parents, watch some classic TV that they used to enjoy as a child