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Learning activities set 11th May 2020

Hello everyone! 


Do you remember me saying last week that I've started reading 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'? I think you'll be proud to hear I am already 42% of the way through the book already! Are you managing to read much at the moment? There's so much going on in the news  so I'm enjoying reading and imagining I'm at Hogwarts. It helps me to escape the real world for a little bit. 


Year 6 this week would be your SATs week. We all know how hard you worked for this week so there are some (very silly!!) SATs activities at the bottom of this page. Year 5 you are obviously welcome to try them too. They aren't real tests or anything to be taken seriously. Go and take a look laugh



English Writing Task

Write a newspaper report about the sinking of the Titanic. You can use the template provided or type it up on a computer. Remember to include a headline, orientation paragraph (who, where, when, what, how), a description of events in chronological order, quotes from witnesses, picture and caption.

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24




Use the internet to help research the following:

  • Images of icebergs
  • The sinking of the Titanic – what happened and where


This research will help you with a range of activities that have been set this week.


Using any materials and resources you may have, create a piece of iceberg art. There are so many stunning ideas available if you take a look on Google images. I can’t wait to see your own interpretations of this task and what you are able to produce.

Design and Technology

Over the next couple of weeks you design and technology task is to create a model of the Titanic. You can use recycled materials to help with this – food packaging boxes to make the main ship and toilet rolls for the funnels. It would be amazing if you could tweet or email over pictures as you make it.  


Use this video to help create a timeline of events during the night the Titanic sank.

Sinking of the Titanic (1912)

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Create a map showing roughly where the Titanic sank. Remember, you can make this map look old before adding it to your scrapbook.


By now you know about the band on board Titanic and the music they played. Explain how the actions of the musicians, who played for as long as they could before the ship sank, could have helped people feel calm.

Alexander´s Ragtime Band violin


For Year Six


You may be aware that this week was for your exams,

But things haven't quite gone according to plan.

The SATs that you thought you were going to sit, 

Have been put away whilst the world took a hit. 


But whether you're happy, relieved or even a bit sad, 

Don't think of the testing, remember good times you've had.

Whether just this year or all of the rest,

There's plenty more ways to show off your best.


So sit back, relax and enjoy the week to come, 

Staying at home and enjoying the sun.

And know that of you all, I'm so very proud, 

I wanted to share this, and say it out loud.


Year 6 - you're awesome, you're amazing, you're great,

Exams don't show off your achievements to celebrate.

The skills that you have - you've learnt and you've grown, 

Whether in class, at home, or on your own.


The stories you'll tell in many years' time,

Will be one of independence, of making you all shine.

So my message for you in the week meant for SATs, 

Is enjoy time with your family, your dogs or your cats.


You may not have long left at school, 

But know - everyday - I think of you all.

In all that you do I'm so incredibly proud,

So please shout 'I'm amazing' very very loud!


Miss Morley xx





Journaling Prompt – Thank you NHS


Mindfulness – Listen carefully with your eyes closed to any sound you can hear. After one minute, open your eyes and write down everything you heard.


Thought of the Week – Would you rather be 10 years older or 10 years younger?



Dear God, 

We thank you for your love and your promise to be with us. 

At school, at work, at rest, at play, 

Help us to be near you and hear your voice. 

Guide us to always do our best.