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Learning Activities Set Monday 1st June 2020

Hello lovely Ladybirds!


It's Mrs Walker here! I'm super excited that I've been able to look for some activities for your new topic this half term. Don't panic though, Mr Joy hasn't gone anywhere! He is making sure the children that are coming into school are safe and busy so I'm going to take over the activities on here! Mr Joy will still be sharing his stories with you on video though because he misses you lots and really enjoys reading them for you.


I hope you have all had a really lovely half term with your families, it's been so hot hasn't it? I have spent lots of time taking my dog Lily for a walk around a big lake and forest near where I live with Amelia and Mr Walker. It's definitely helping me try and do as many steps as I can each day! Have you been going for walks too?


Make sure you email me your fantastic learning, it really does make us teachers smile when we get it! I'll make sure to send it to Mr Joy too. My email is:


Don't forget, you can email me with questions too and I will reply as soon as I can! 


Mrs Walker smiley



Phonics Bug reminder

 If you haven’t got your log-in details for Phonics Bug yet then simply email me at , with “requesting a Phonics Bug log-in for (your child’s name)” and I will reply with your individual log as soon as I can. Remember, to ensure that your reading book registers as ‘finished’, so that you get new books and earn rewards, click on the phonics bug buttons: 

(there’s usually 2 in each book, one at the start and one at the end). If you have any troubles then please just email me.



In addition to our weekly phonics play activities, you will find you can access some new phonics activities on Phonics Bug. These are games to practise letters and sounds that have been learnt previously.

'Traction-man is Here', by Mini Grey

In the classroom with our new book, plus a little message from Mr Joy


This week you got to see our new book 'Traction Man is Here', and you've even seen the whole story from start to finish! You may notice in the story that Traction Man wears all sorts of different clothes and suites to help him. What I'd like you to do this week is to draw pictures of Traction Man in his different clothes (either try and spot them in the video or search for pictures in Google). Once you've drawn the different pictures can you label what he is wearing?
If you want an extra challenge then try and write sentences to describe what Traction man is wearing and how it helps him.



What are 2D shapes?


Have a look at the BBC bitesize video and activities below to learn about 2D shapes. I wonder how much you can remember?


Extra Activity


Find four of your most favourite toys...then I would like you to look carefully at them and see how many different 2D shapes you can see on each one! 


On this train I can see circles, rectangles, triangles and squares! Can you see them too? How many are there?

If you have a big outdoor space, why not give this a go!



Get those four favourite toys again! I would like you to draw them and then label each one, pointing out all of the different materials on them.


Let's look at my train again:I can see wood and string in the picture, but I'm sure if I turned it over I would be able to see more! 



Can you talk to a grown up about your toys and discuss why you think those materials were chosen?



Time to be an interviewer! Talk to your grown ups, or other family members who are older than you and ask them about their favourite toys when they were growing up. With an adults permission, research it together on the computer so you can see how it was different to the toys you have now...or maybe it's the same! Write down what you find out! 



I hope you still have those four favourite toys!! Have a really good look at them and see if you can work out where they were made. Some toys have some writing underneath or on a label, can you find it? Have a look on the map below, can you find the country?

With an adult's permission, use Google Street view to have a look around the country. Is it the same as where you live? 

Here's a bigger map to download!



Guess What? I want you to get those favourite toys again! I have a drawing challenge for you! 

Choose part of each of the toys and draw them mixed up together to create one big SUPER toy! Make sure you send me your drawings! I am so excited to see them! 


Design and Technology


Can you use recycled materials around your house to build part of your new SUPER toy? Think carefully about how you can make it stay together and look carefully at your drawing to help you build it! 


Here's an idea to get you started! But yours will be very different because you all have different favourite toys!



Andy's Wild Workouts! Wow! These look fun! Let's visit the Arctic with Andy!

Try this sporty activity too with your name!



So we've been looking at those favourite toys a lot haven't we? What makes something special to you? Can you make a poster with all the things that are special to you on it? Why don't you ask people in your home what they would choose? Do you have the same reasons?



I've found this great Music game! Have a go and let me know how you get on! 



We all know how important it is to take some time to relax! Here's some Cosmic yoga for you to do so you can enjoy relaxing! You can also do some journaling. Use the title 'What makes my family special?'

Saturday Morning Yoga! | Making Wishes ✨