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Home Learning Set 8th June 2020

Happy Monday Caterpillars! 


Have you had busy weeks? I have been doing lots of walking again. Amelia and I have been collecting pine cones on our walk. What sort of things have you found?


I've got a few more creative activities to keep you busy and a little bit of Maths and phonics too. Don't forget phonics bug! 


Miss Tierney will also be sharing another story with you!


Remember to email me if you need anything!


Mrs Walker

Phonics Bug

If you require your child's Phonics Bug log-in please email me ( and I will reply as soon as I can. Remember when reading a book to click the bug button

(there is one at the start and one at the end of the book). This then registers the book as 'finished' and you can earn Phonics Bug Rewards! - It's really cool! Once finished new books should be unlocked.



I've got two maths activities for you this week. The first is a number matching activity if you need to warm your brain up a little bit! 

The second is a link to a maths investigation! 


Let me know how you get on!

Let's get active!


Here are four animal exercise! Write the name of each one down and then pick them at random to act them out! How quickly can you do all four?

Monkey Business!


Can you follow the instructions to make this monkey?


When you have had a go, talk to your grown up about what he likes to do and what his name is. Can you tell them a story about your monkey?



Don't forget some relaxing yoga! 

Saturday Morning Yoga | Cool Cats!

Stickman - Story Time