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Home Learning Set 29th June 2020

I'm back!

Hello and happy Monday Caterpillars! It's me Miss Tierney, I am back updating our class page each week with lots of activities to keep you busy while you're at home.  A massive thank you to Mrs Walker for keeping this page updated over the past few weeks while I have been busy in school. At school we have been doing lots of fun activities outside as it has been so warm. I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having. As always if you have any questions please do email me at and I will reply as soon as I can. 


Take care everyone,


Miss Tierney smiley

The Mega Magic Hair Swap - Story Time

This week I have planned a few activities all about London. You will need an adult to help you research these famous landmarks. Can you match the correct picture to the name of the landmark?


Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and The London Eye

I want you to imagine you are a King or Queen for a day. Write about what you would do! What would your castle look like?

                           Here is a maths activity for you to have a go at.
Here is a maths activity for you!

Create a London bus out of recycled materials

Listen to this story about a bear called Paddington. Paddington loves to eat marmalade. Have you tried marmalade before? Ask a grown up if they have any for you to try.

Books for Kids Read Aloud: (Paddington Bear Collection) Paddington

Paddington By Micheal Bond Illustrated By R. W. Alley The classic story of the bear from Darkest Peru who arrived at Paddington Station with nothing but a su...

Here is a fun recipe for you to try! I can't wait to hear about how these turn out.

*You do not need to make these for an event*

Extra Activities