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Home Learning Set 22nd June 2020

Hello Caterpillars!


It's another Monday already! Can you believe it?


Did you have a good week last week? What did you get up to?

Last week, I took Amelia back to the Zoo. We only spent 2 hours there, but it was very quiet and we got to have a good look at some of the animals! What is your favourite animal? The Meerkats were having a lovely sunbathe when we got there! You can see them laying nice and flat on their tummies in this photograph! 


Well done for lots more hard work, it has been lovely to see it! Don't forget, you can email me work any time that you would like me to see!


I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday celebrating the special people in your lives!


Miss Tierney has read a great book for you this week and I have found lots of great activities to go with it! I hope you enjoy them! 


See you soon,

Mrs Walker smiley

Funny Bones - Story Time



I have added two maths activity sheets below. One is missing numbers and one is for adding. 

There is also a website link to some learning about finding one more. 

Funny Bones Maths

Funny Bones Art


Look at this skeleton made of cotton buds! What a clever idea! See if you can make one at home too! 

Keep those fingers moving! 


Have a go at practicing your pencil skills using these mats! You could print them out, or make your own.

Then you can use playdough to make some extra bones for the skeleton!

Life Size Skeleton!


Here's a challenge for you. Can you make a life size skeleton? I've added some pictures to help you!



I LOVE gingerbread! Gingerbread skeletons sound even better!

Family Time


Finally. here is a skeleton board game for you to play at home with your family. Make sure you send some pictures so I can see how you are getting on!