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Home Learning Set 20th July 2020

Hello lovely Caterpillars!


Can you believe this is your final week of reception in Caterpillars Class! I have loved teaching you all this year and can't believe how quick this year has gone. This is the last update of summer learning from me. But don't worry Mrs Walker and Mrs Dawson have been very busy planning lots of fun activities for you to do over summer. I am so, so so proud of all of you and all you have achieved this year. I can't wait to hear all about year one at the gate or on the playground. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your new adventure. You are all SUPERSTARS!


Miss Tierneysmiley

Your first activity is to write a letter to Mrs Walker and Mrs Dawson introducing yourself. A few things you could write are...

- Your name

- Your family

- Your favourite toy

- Your favourite thing to do at school

- How old you are

- Your favourite colour

- What you have been getting up to at home


Your next activity is fill in this sheet all ready for year one!

Maths of the Day Activity

Your next activity is something which we love doing in class. Painting with cotton buds!

I would like you to create a painting using lots of different colours! Can you mix the colours?What colour do they make together? 


Science Time!

Here Come the Aliens - Story Time


Play this phonics game! This is one of our favourites at school.