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Home Learning Set 1st June 2020

Hello lovely Caterpillars!


It's Mrs Walker here! I'm super excited that I've been able to look for some activities for you this half term. Don't panic though, Miss Tierney hasn't gone anywhere! She is making sure the children that are coming into school are safe and busy so I'm going to take over the activities on here! Miss Tierney will still be sharing her stories with you on video though because she misses you lots and really enjoys reading them for you.


I hope you have all had a really lovely half term with your families, it's been so hot hasn't it? I have spent lots of time taking my dog Lily for a walk around a big lake and forest near where I live with Amelia and Mr Walker. It's definitely helping me try and do as many steps as I can each day! Have you been going for walks too?


Make sure you email me your fantastic learning, it really does make us teachers smile when we get it! I'll make sure to send it to Miss Tierney too. My email is:


Don't forget, you can email me with questions too and I will reply as soon as I can! 


Mrs Walker smiley

Phonics Bug

If you require your child's Phonics Bug log-in please email me ( and I will reply as soon as I can. Remember when reading a book to click the bug button

(there is one at the start and one at the end of the book). This then registers the book as 'finished' and you can earn Phonics Bug Rewards! - It's really cool! Once finished new books should be unlocked.

The Three Little Pigs - Story Time

Hi Caterpillars!

I hope you all had a wonderful half term. Here is this week's story. As I will be back in school this term, the fabulous Mrs Walker is going to be taking over the online learning. I can't wait to see some of you on the 8th June it's been far too long and I'm super excited to get back to school. Some of you may not be coming back just yet and thats ok. I will still be uploading a weekly Story Time video. I have been busy planning lot's of fun activities for the children I will see next week and getting our classroom ready. Make sure you check out Miss Willis's Videos (under parents/reopening information tab on the school website) it will give you lots of information of a few changes we have had to make to ensure everyone stays safe. Thank you again to Mrs Walker for keeping our class page updated! I can't wait to see you all soon.

Take care,

Miss Tierney 

Numberblocks - Higher Numbers | Learn to Count

Let's warm your brains back up with some Numberblocks!

Invention Time!


Here are two activities for you to have a go at. You're going to be inventors! I wonder what other people in your family would do? 

Have you been doing lots of exploring? I bet you have! You know what all good explorers need? A pair of binoculars! Do you know what we use them for? Binoculars help us see things clearer that are very far away! Why don't you have a go at making some? I've put some pictures of an idea below, but you can try however you like! 
I found this sporty activity for Ladybirds, but I think you can do it too! Spell out your name and then do all the activities for it!

Mindfulness time!

Tommy the Bedtime Turtle | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!