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Home Learning Set 15th June 2020

Simon Sock - Story Time

Happy Monday Caterpillars! 


How are you? Did you have a good week and weekend? 

I haven't been doing too much this week as I have had lots and lots to do for school! But we did take our dog Lily to the beach on Saturday and Amelia brought a shell home. It was lovely and quiet too because we went very early in the morning! We have also been learning about Under the Sea together with a story and some different sea creatures!



I'd love to know what you have been getting up to and learning about! I've had some fun coming up with activities for you again this week so I hope you enjoy them.


See you soon and missing you lots, 


Mrs Walker 


p.s. don't forget to email me if you've done something exciting or need some help!

Phonics Bug

If you require your child's Phonics Bug log-in please email me ( and I will reply as soon as I can. Remember when reading a book to click the bug button! There is one at the start and one at the end of the book. This then registers the book as 'finished' and you can earn Phonics Bug Rewards! - It's really cool! Once finished new books should be unlocked.


Have a watch of this video to learn about measuring. We can use words like:


tall, taller, tallest


What other words do you hear in the video? Can you join in?

Once you've watched the video, scroll down to have a go at using the words to describe the animals!



Lots of people like to celebrate and there are lots of reasons to celebrate!

Which ones can you think of?


Here's a photo of some bunting made in another Reception class! What do you think they could be celebrating?


Have a look at the video below and scroll to the pictures beneath to learn about some different celebrations.


Which ones do you celebrate?

What sort of things do you like to celebrate? Maybe you could make up your own special celebration! I think I would choose a day to celebrate chocolate cake! 

Can you design some bunting for your celebration?

Let's get making!


Have a look at this fantastic stick man! He's made with sticks, some playdough and buttons and some eyes! I think he is great! I wonder if you could make a stick family like this? What different items can you find around your house and garden that you could use?


If you celebrate Father's Day in your house, then you might want to make a stick version of your Daddy! I'm sure he would love it! 



Remember these animal activity cards from last week?

I'm going to set you a challenge to make 4 new animal ones! With different actions for each animal! Then you can try all of them together! I wonder which ones you are going to choose?