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Learning Activities Set Monday 15th June 2020

Happy Monday Ladybirds! 


How are you? Did you have a good week and weekend? 

I haven't been doing too much this week as I have had lots and lots to do for school! But we did take our dog Lily to the beach on Saturday and Amelia brought a shell home. It was lovely and quiet too because we went very early in the morning! We have also been learning about Under the Sea together with a story and some different sea creatures!



I'd love to know what you have been getting up to and learning about! I've had some fun coming up with activities for you again this week so I hope you enjoy them. Even some cooking! Yummy! 


See you soon and missing you lots, 


Mrs Walker smiley


p.s. don't forget to email me if you've done something exciting or need some help!

Phonics Bug reminder

 If you haven’t got your log-in details for Phonics Bug yet then simply email me at , with “requesting a Phonics Bug log-in for (your child’s name)” and I will reply with your individual log as soon as I can. Remember, to ensure that your reading book registers as ‘finished’, so that you get new books and earn rewards, click on the phonics bug buttons - there are usually 2 in each book, one at the start and one at the end. If you have any troubles then please just email me.




You will find you can access some new phonics activities on Phonics Bug. These are games to practise letters and sounds that have been learnt previously.



How did you get on with your Traction Man acting last week? I bet they were great! 

This week, I want to you to choose a play setting from the book like one of the ones below: 


There's the kitchen above or the bedroom on the left, but there were lots more in the book! 

Can you recreate the scene? You could make it with a box and items you already have, or you could draw it. 


You could make it trickier by coming up with a scene that wasn't in the book like the beach, a zoo or the classroom! 


Once you have made your scene, I'd like you to come up with a mini adventure for Traction Man in your setting. Remember to use your phonics to help you! 



As part of shape, we can explore something called Tessellation. Tessellation is when you can fit shapes together without there being any gaps between them: 


Watch this video about Tessellation and then I want you to explore making shapes like Andrew did at the end of the video! 

Tesselation KS1


We've learnt lots about the properties of shapes - what special features they have - so now you're going to have a go at putting everything you have learnt together. Below are some pictures of different toys (you can use these or you can use your own toys, or both if you want a super challenge!) I would like you too see if you can put them into different groups based on the properties that they have. Here's a reminder of some of the properties: 















But remember, there were lots of other ones too. You might be able to make lots of groups, but you might also be able to change them around to just make two groups! How many different ways can you sort them? Remember to use those scientific words to explain! 




Time to explore another Continent! We are going to........South America! 

South America | Destination World

Now that you’ve seen and learnt lots about the continent of South America, see if you can make a fact-file all about it. Try including pictures and information of what you know. You could even do some more of your own research to find some of your own facts. You'll find that I've included some more activities about South America below that you might want to include!

When you’ve finished, you can add it to your fact-file for Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. When we have finished looking at all 7 continents you can staple them together and you’ll have your own 7 page Continent fact book!



A traditional, historic game from South America is called Sapo.

It's a large wooden game with a toad in the middle. To play it, you had to throw pieces into the different holes that are all worth a different amount and try and get the most points. The pieces were normally made of brass and would then come down into the slots you can see on the front.


Can you think of any modern games that are similar? Draw a table with two columns, one that has things that are the same and one for things that are different between Sapo and the game you have chosen. 


If you have a look below, you'll find I've included some more information fo you to read about and also, an easy way for you to have a go at the game! 

Art and Computing


This week, I've mixed the two together and I would like you to have a go at creating a digital piece of Art. First, you need to go and your most favourite toy...quick quick! 

Now, click on the link below to open up a drawing program. Can you draw your toy? How about adding colour? Make sure you ask your grown up to help you save it when you are finished! 

Design and Technology


I thought you could have a go at some cooking this week! Cooking inspired by South America too! Here is a recipe for Fajitas! They sound yummy, I think I might give them a go too! 


There's the recipe to save and print or you can just load it up on the internet (with your grown ups permission of course!)

Happy cooking!!



Eeek! I've found a song all about South America! It has the words along the bottom too so you can have a go at joining in. It's a super catchy song and I've got it stuck in my head now, but it's great fun to learn. I'm going to keep trying to learn it too and then I will be able to name all of the countries in South America, just like you will be able to! 



We are going to continue to think about special things in nature. 


What parts of the natural world can we enjoy around us? As you know, I went to the beach during the weekend and one of my favourite places is to be by the sea! 


Can you go on a trail of the natural world? This can be in your garden, but it might if you go for a walk with your family. Have a look at the seasonal changes taking place now it's the summer time and record it through photos, drawings, images from magazines and newspapers. 


Create a poster to share what you find on your trail. On your poster, make a special section of the parts of nature that are particularly special to you.


With people in your home, talk about how you can care for and add to the natural world, especially those places that are really special to you. This might be by using bins or planting bulbs and seeds.

P.E. and Mindfulness


So I thought I would find a good dance that fits with our theme of South America! There are quite a few videos to learn it, but it's great fun and sometimes having a good dance helps us to keep our brain happy! 

Getting started

Dance move 1 - Miss Jewel

Dance move from our Dance to Rio2 resources

Dance move 2 - Bongo Magic

Dance move from our Dance to Rio2 resources

Dance move 3 - I Spy

Dance move 4 - Samba

Dance move from our Dance to Rio2 resources

Dance move 5 - Blu's Groove

Dance move 6 - Hide and Seek

Dance move 7 - Funky Monkey

Dance move from our Dance to Rio2 resources

Putting it all together

Music track 1 - Funky Monkey (main dance)

Music track from our Dance to Rio2 resources