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An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Overall in Computing we are going to be using Microsoft Word to create an informative page about Antarctica. We will use the facts you learnt over the last two weeks and skills you will learn to create this. 


This week we are looking at finding pictures on the internet and then editing them to make them look better. I have added the video from last week on how to copy and paste writing. It is the same for pictures. 


We are looking specifically at pictures of Antarctica. 

How to Copy and Paste

Still image for this video

Once you have got a photo on Microsoft Word have a look at the video below which explains how we can edit our photos to make them better. 

Please note: you do not need to try everything shown in the video. Just have a play about with your picture and see what you come up with.

How to Edit a Picture in Word

Try this with a few pictures and once you have done this save your work ready to use again in a future lesson. 

We would love to see the before and after photos. I have added two below that I did earlier.