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Good Morning 5.3.21

A Little Video to Welcome Back!!!


Have a go at the Phonics Comprehension activities below.


In Maths we have begun looking at time. We know every day is a new day and that there at 7 days of the week. Each morning in school we sing the Day's of the Week song and talk about the: day, date, month, season and year.


Can you sing our days of the week song? (If you get stuck, scroll back up to today's Good Morning video).


With a grown-up, make a simple calendar. You could make it for a week or for a month. You will need to write the days of the week and could write the month too. Use your calendar to write down special events and activities. Can you use the words; day, week, month, tomorrow, yesterday and next week?


I have also added the Month's of the Year and Season's songs below to help you recap.

Months Of The Year Song

Seasons Song for Kids (Autumn Version)

Let's Get Creative

Today I would like you to have a go at some shadow art! Pick serval of your favourite toys and place them on a piece of paper in the sun. Can you draw around their shadow?


If you have any chalk at home you could also try this activity below.



Writing Challenge

Who did you dress up yesterday as for World Book Day?

What is your character's name?

Why are they your favourite character?

What is your favourite book?

Do you have more than one?



Can you draw and label a World Book Day costume?