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Good Morning Everyone!



Good Morning 26.2.2021


Yesterday we learn't a new sound do you remember what it was?


Yes that's right it was or


Today I would like you to watch the lesson below.

Lesson 19 - or horn

Have a go at underlining the or sound in this story.

To finish our Phonics Lesson today have a go at reading this comic below.


Today we're going to start by listening to this Nursery Rhyme below


For our activity today you will need 10 bottles/cans/plastic cups/toys.


 Build a wall and set up 10 green bottles. Each time a bottle ‘accidently falls’ 

how many have fallen and how many are standing?


Do you always have 10 in total?



Ten Green Bottles | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Watch this Numberblocks Episode

Numberblocks - Who's Bigger Than Who? | Learn to Count | Wizz Learning


Today in Music we will use the theme of playing with friends to further explore the beat in singing games. We will also further develop our high and low sounds through physical play and sound discovery in the home.


Writing Challenge

Today I would like you to write a Sensory Poem! Write about a place/season/time of year that you really enjoy! Use the template below.


At the park

I see….

I hear….

I feel….

I touch….

I smell…