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Friday 11th December

Well we have all made it so the last day of Hedgehogs class's self-isolation. I've heard about so much great learning over the week, which has been lovely to hear about. Today we start with early morning work and word of the day, as always. We then carry on with our work retelling the story of Jemmy Button in English. For maths we continue our week recapping previous learning. This afternoon we have another Christian tradition to look at, and the latest country (or actually a continent today) to learn about in Learning Quest. Then we finish off Friday the right way with a celebration collective worship, which I would encourage you all to have a look at.

Word of the day- Long word

Word of the day will have to work a little differently for now, as I can't tell you it without you knowing how to spell it. So here is the new, temporary way we will do Word of the day:

Step 1: read the word   

Step 2: cover it up and write it correctly 5 times.
Step 3: for an added challenge write it backwards.
Step 4: what is the definition of the word?
Step 5: can you use it in a sentence?


The word of the day is: