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Today we are going to continue to work on out topic of 'Animals' in French. We will develop and build on the vocabulary we learnt last term.


Please watch the video below - remember to practice saying the vocabulary as the video plays, just like you would normally do during our French lessons!

Now that you have learnt some new vocabulary, I would like you to practice this and add some of the vocabulary you already know to make some sentences of your own. 


Please create some sentences to describe your own pets (if you do not have a pet, then you can choose an animal that you would like to have as a pet and describe that!)



e.g. J'ai un chien qui s'appelle Teddy. Il a les cheveux bruns et il est petit.

      I have a dog who is called Teddy. He has brown hair and he is small.

As you can see, I have added some of the vocabulary that we learnt last term when we were describing people.


Please write at least two sentences describing at least two pets. Practice saying these aloud to someone in your family.


I have added the vocabulary sheets that we used during our previous topics to help you.

If you finish this and would like to practice reading and writing the new vocaulary you have learnt, I have added some extra activites below!