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Bonjour Badgers!


Today we will be continuing with our topic of 'Animaux' in French, but we are also going to be learning some new words which explain where things are, these are called prepositions!


In our first video, Alexa will teach you some of the most common prepositions. Remember to repeat these as she teaches you, just like we normally do in class - we will be using these for our written work later in the lesson. 

Now we will watch our second video, where Alexa will teach you some more wild animal French vocabulary (look out for the ones we learnt last term). Really listen carefully to how Alexa pronounces them and try to repeat them back exactly as she says them - this will really help develop your French accents!

Using what we have learnt so far, I would like you to practice creating some sentences to describe where the animals are using the pictures on the poster below. Choose at least three pictures (you don't have to do them all - but try to do as many as you can) to describe. You can write these on your own paper, just record the letter of the picture next to your sentence so that I know which one you are describing! 


If you feel like you really want to challenge yourself, try to include more than one preposition in each sentence! I have given you an example at the bottom of the poster.

Here are some vocabulary sheets to help you if you need them - don't forget to use the sheets from the previous weeks too!

Extra challenge!


Have a look at the picture below - how many french sentences can you write about what you see? (include as much vocabulary as you can, including the prepositions from today!)