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Bonjour Badgers!


We are continuing to learn about animals in French, and today we will be recapping on the vocabulary we learnt last term about wild animals - so you will all be experts!


Please watch the video below, remember to practice saying the words as the teacher says them, just like we do in class! 

Please complete the match up activity (matching animals names with their pictures) below. Some of the animals are ones we learnt during last term - see if you can remember them!

Now I would like you to choose at least three wild animals and write sentences to describe them and where you might find them (just like Alexa showed you in the video). You will need to use the habitat vocabulary we learnt last term, and so I have attached the vocaulary sheet to help you.



e.g. Le zèbre est noir et blanc et marche dans la savane.

      The zebra is black and white and walks in the savannah.


     Le zèbre est rayé et s'habite dans la savane.

     The zebra is stripy and lives in the savannah.


Remember to use the correct form of the adjective so that it agrees with your animal e.g. if your animal name is feminine use the feminine form of the adjective, if your animal name is masculine use the masculine form of the adjective (use the vocabulary sheets from last week to help you).
Once you have written your sentences practice reading them aloud to someone in your family.

If you would like to do some more more work on french pets (to practice your learning from last week) I have attached another activity below. Use the information given in the sentences to match each one to the pet being described.


If you feel like a REAL challenge, can you translate each of the sentences from French to English?