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Today we will continue exploring our Power of Reading book: Jemmy Button. Unfortunately I don't have the book here to read it to you, but here is a video of it being read. If you stop the video at 2 minutes and 20 seconds you will see and hear the next page in the story, without spoiling the rest of the story.

Literacy Counts - Jemmy Button (Story time Counts)

Please stop the video at 2 minutes 20 seconds

Let's look closer at the illustration on our new page...

Start off by taking time to have a look at write anything you can see in the picture. Don't worry about sentences yet, just write the things (nouns) you can see, and any good adjectives for the place.


Okay now let's trying using our other senses with our imagination. What else do you think you could sense?

What could you hear in this place?

What could you smell in this place?

What could you feel?

Could you taste anything different?


Get 5 or 6 strips of paper. On each strip write a descriptive sentence about the new setting that Jemmy has been taken to. Think of our 5 senses to help you come up with ideas.

Once you have several descriptive sentences written, try and put them into an order to make a whole desriptive poem, putting the words "The city" between each line, for example:

The city
Towering grey stone reaching high up to the sky,

The city
Where have all the colours gone? Why is it all so dull? 


Once you've worked out the order of your poem, either stick your paper strip sentences down in their order, or rewrite it in your neatest writing.