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What is a 'cloze' activity?

I have a rather different activity for you today. We've done a lot of fiction writing, so we are going to do a bit of non-fiction work now. Today we are going to start off with a reading and writing activity.
Below is a reading and writing activity called a 'cloze' activity. There is a fact file all about Roman soldiers. However, there are blanks for you to fill in. The answers are at the top of the page. You should find that you can edit it on your computer/ laptop/ tablet. So type your answers into the boxes and click the words at the top when you've used them.
If you want an extra challenge than you can have a go writing your own cloze activity for someone at home. Write a piece of writing about Romans, but miss out some words with a gap. Then put all the missing words together on the page. Make sure you don't put them in the correct order though!