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Turning your story into a book

So, as that hairy faced person above just said, the first thing to do is read over your story that you've written and see if there's anything to change or improve. To help you out I've added to helping bits and bobs below. the first is a list of different conjunctions (sticky words), and the second is your fronted adverbial sheet that I gave you all in class! Use them to help you add a range of different words to your sentences, to make them more descriptive and more interesting.
Once you've had a go editing and improving your story, you can start getting into making your book. Below is a template you can print that will give you the 8 pages to write on for your 8 parts of the story map. Print the pages double sided, and you should get black pages for the front page, back blurb and a double blank page in the middle for a big colourful picture.
If you can't print it then don't worry! Get yourself 5 pieces of plain paper. Stack them up in 1 pile and then fold in half. You should then have enough space for your front cover, back blurb, 8 pages of writing with a double blank page in the middle for a big picture.

Today I want you to skip the front page (I know it's the really fun bit, but it will be easier when you've finished the rest) and just focus on the first 4 pages. For each page just focus on that part of the story map, using the story you have written already, and add a lovely picture. You could use Quentin Blake's drawing style from yesterday's Learning Quest to help you.

Once you've done those 4 pages then stop and admire your work. Take a break and we will carry on tomorrow!