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Writing the resolution

In 'the Green Ship' the boat is left to return to it's natural state. Quentin Blake only gives clues about how the character's feel about what's happened, but we definately have a feeling about what happens. So, what do you think is important to include in the resolution of your story?




Here's a list of things to think about including:

1. What happens after the big event of the climax?

2.Is it a happy ending or a sad ending?

3. How are you going to make sure it feels like the end of a story, that it doesn't just suddenly stop?

4. how do the characters feel?


Think about these questions and have a go answering them for yourself. When you've done that you can re-read your story so far to check you're happy with how your story should end.


When you're ready you can write your resolution! Make sure you email it over to me so I can read it. at