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Last week we made a story map of our own stories, based on the Green Ship. We then planned out and wrote our opening to the story. I have to say I've seen some fantastic openings to your stories! So engaging, exciting and descriptive. Here's one from home-learning that I wanted to share as it shows how hard they have been working to improve their writing.
Today we are going to continue with our story with the next part, which we will call the build-up. This section of the story adds more characters, more information and more events happen. Have a look at the pictures below from the Green Ship to remind you what happens next.

So in this section of the story the children discover the ship, meet Mrs Tredegar and the Bosun and go on imaginary adventures.
What do you think is important for you to include in the next section of the story? Take a moment to write down some ideas...


Now you've thought about it, here's some things to check you've thought of:
- change the setting,

- introduce new characters,

- introduce the children discovering new things and experiences,

- use adjectives and adverbs,

- use similes and metaphors.


Now try using the next 3 pictures of your story map to write the build-up for your story. Use the above points to help you make sure you include what you can to improve your writing. Don't forget to read your opening again to see where you stopped your story, before you carry on.