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The climax

Today it's time for the climax of our story. The climax of a story is when something big and dramatic happens. It changes the mood of the story and often the story after the climax isn't the same as it is before the climax.

So what makes a good climax? Here's some things you should definately try and include:

1. build tension with short sentences,

2. add exciting action to your sentences with carefully chosen verbs and adverbs,

3. change the mood of your story. So if it is a fun and happy story make the climax scary, tense or dramatic.,

4. try using similes or personification to improve your description.


Read your story that you have written so far, to remind yourself of what has happened and the mood of your story (is it happy, is it funny, is it an adventure?). Remember to use your story map from last week to help you, but you can change it if you think you can make your climax better.