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Today we are going to start writing our own story, based on 'the Green Ship'. Yesterday you should have finished doing your story map for your own story. If not then go back to tomorrow's lesson and finish that off. It will make the next few lessons much easier!
So today we are only going to be focusing on the first part of your story map: the opening. Let's start by looking back at the start of the story of 'The Green Ship'. This is the video we watched to start off the story 3 weeks ago, so sorry I'm wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year again. Listen carefully to the information it gives you about the children, what they are doing, how they feel and where they are going.

the opening of The Green Ship

Now that you've had a reminder of how the Green Ship starts, have a look at the powerpoint below to give you ideas of what you should try and include to make a good opening to a story. Then use the checklist and practise writing your own opening. Remember, we are only writing for the FIRST picture of your story map. Let's get that opening as good as we can!