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An Exceptional Place to Flourish


The last 2 days we have been exploring the Victorian high street that Jemmy has now been to. Let's see what he experiences next in England! 
(you can start the video where we finished yesterday. We are only looking at the next 2 pages, so please stop the video again at 3 minutes 24 seconds. The children are very used to only getting little snippets every day)

Literacy Counts - Jemmy Button (Story time Counts)

Stop video at 3 minutes 24 seconds to avoid spoilers

In these pages it says Jemmy sees and hears things that are compared to different parts of nature, like "music as sweet as the sound of the ocean." This is a simile, as it uses a completely different sound to show how sweet sounding it is to Jemmy, to be more descriptive and help us to understand what it is like to him.

This was done in a similar way by the poet Harold M Telemaque, in his poem 'Riches'.


In the poem Harold Telemaque compares valuable gold, silver and diamond to things in nature that have similar colours or looks.

What do you think Jemmy might miss from his home? What 'riches' has he left behind? Try and write your own poem, either about the beautiful things in nature where Jemmy grew up, or the wonderful things he has seen where he lives now. Try an use similes to improve your poem. If you're writing about the jungle, compare things there to valuable things we have in English cities. If you are writing about what Jemmy has seen in England, try and compare it to things he misses from home.