Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Yesterday we were exploring how colour in an illustration can change how it can make us feel. This was the start of us thinking about our own story, and how we want it to make the reader feel.

Today we are going to start planning out our story with a story map. Use the 4 pictures you did yesterday to help you think about how your story will develop. What order will you put them into your story? Will it start bright and happy and sunny, or will your story start with a storm? Will part of your story be at night time? Think about how you can use the 4 different feelings and uses of colour from yesterday's pictures to help build your story.

Use the story map template to plan your 8 steps:


1. Where are the children? Are they staying at an aunt or uncle's house? Are they on holiday?

2. Where did they discover your green object?

3. Who else do they meet at the object?

4. What do they do together?

5. What do they do the next day?

6. What happens to add excitement? it's the storm in 'The Green Ship'.

7. What happens once that event has finished?

8. How does the story finish? Do the children still see the object? What happens to the object?