Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Chapter 19

In this part of your speech you are going to provide some (made up smiley) scientific evidence to be used by Facto to support the claims that Kester is spreading the virus. 


Activity 1 - Write two pieces of scientific evidence which are supported by scientists. Include these in your speech. For example, 'Dr B Debrah-Nkansah, world renowned scientist of Population Health and Medical Sciences from Morley University, has found there has been a 19% increase in numbers of infected people since Kester Jaynes fled Spectrum Hall.'


50 housepoint challenge - made a graph to support your scientific claims.


Activity 2 - Write the ending of your speech. Take time to thank the scientists who have contributed to your speech and to those for watching at home. Ensure the public have a clear understanding of the message given.