Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Chapter 18

Think about how the story has changed since it was revealed that, 'Facto are lying to you all. Humans can't get the virus.' What would happen if this information was revealed to the wider public? Why would Facto lie about something like this? What purpose could it serve them?


Giving a public speech would be a quick way of sharing reported sightings of Kester with the wild. How might they use this to their advantage? How might they manipulate the developments and report this to the public?


Activity - PLAN a speech to be given by Facto to the public (you'll write it fully later in the week). Today, you are writing the introduction to your speech. 


Things to consider:

  • Write using a formal tone - 'Ladies and gentlemen, I have urgently gathered you here today to...'
  • The report should imply that the virus is getting worse - 'It is unfortunately true that this virus is becoming considerably more dangerous...'


Tomorrow you will begin to write the main body of your speech.