Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


For this lesson we are going to get a bit arty and creative. You are going to create your own version of The Green Ship. Imagine that you find yourself in a forest and make an unexpected discovery, just like in the story, but this time it can't be a boat. It has to be something exciting and unusual that you can interact with, like in the story. Write down a few ideas of what it could be. 
When you've chosen a few ideas then pick one of them. Your first challenge is to try and build it using only natural things, such as leaves, small logs, branches, sticks, bits of bark. You may have to leave some of these bits to dry out, or just lay them on something that is okay to get damp and muddy before you start making your chosen thing.

When you have completed this then we are going to think about what might happen when the children in the story discover the object you've built. Have a go answering the following questions in written sentences:

Will they meet any new characters at this point, like Mrs Tredegar and the Bosun? What are these characters doing?

What adventures will the discovery take them on?

How will the story end?

How will the characters feel at different stages of the story?