Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Chapter 8

Today, you will be using a range of activities you completed last week to help you write the script for a news bulletin from the scene of Kester Jaynes escape at Spectrum Hall. 


Things for you to consider :-

  • Make sure your script is explaining events in chronological order from Kester's escape to him falling off the cliff
  • How might this news report be manipulated by Stone Media (who control everything, remember) to make Kester look bad?
  • How do you want the Doctor to be seen by the public? Did he have Kester's best interests at heart? Was he innocent of any wrongdoings? 


50 housepoint challenge - Record your script as a news report and send it in as a video. I'll do some editing to put them together and share them on the website. 

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