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This week we are going to continue to explore the story of 'The Green Ship'. As we have finished the book, we can think about it as a whole story. Have a think about the questions below. You can make notes of your answers if you like, as it may help you with your next activity:


What did you like and/or dislike about the story?

Did anything surprise you about it? Why?

Did you find anything particularly interesting? Why?

Did the story remind you of anything in real life or in other stories you've read or heard?



Now have a go writing your on book review of this story. Use the template below or make your own one that is similar. If you make your own you could think carefully about how yours looks and is presented. Make sure you give as much of your opinions about the book as you can, including your explanations of your thoughts.
Remember the 'cause -> effect' section is asking you to think of something important that happens in the story, and what happens as a result of that.
Once you've done your book review make sure you send it in as the best, most nicely written and most creatively presented ones will go up on our display.