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Today we are looking at poems that contain rhyming couplets.

The dictionary defines rhyming couplets as:

'a rhyming pair of successive lines of verse, typically of the same length'


Below is a picture which contains the features of a rhyming couplet poem. 

Lets warm up by listening to the rhyming game song below. You can join in at home if you want.

The Rhyming Words Game | Rhyming Song for Kids | Reading & Writing Skills | Jack Hartmann

Remember: If two words rhyme it means that they sound the same. For example

Cat and bat

Yellow and mellow

Tree and bee


I have added some examples of poems containing rhyming couplets at the bottom of the page.


Year 1: 

To come up with some rhyming couplet words. If you're up for it once you've found the words put them into a poem. It doesn't matter how many syllables you have in each line. 

Can you write 4 lines in your poem?


Year 2: 

To come up with some rhyming couplets and put them into a poem. I would like you to try and get the same amount of syllables in the lines. 

Can you write 8 lines in your poem?



Can you add similes to your poem?