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Reading Comprehension


This week you will be reading about 'Polar bears' and answering questions on the text.

Have a go at reading the text for yourself.  Remember to use your phonics to help you.  If you get stuck on a word then ask an adult to help you.  What we are looking for; is that you are really understanding what you are reading!

My family love 'Polar Bears', I hope you do too!


* You will find the document has 3 different abilities; 1 *, 2** and 3***.

They go in order through the document and follow with the answers.


Year 1


Please complete the first part of the attached PDF and use the 1 * document.


Year 2


I will let choose whether you complete 1*, 2** or 3*** but please make sure you challenge yourself.   Don't pick 1* if you find the text easy!