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Today is an important day, because today we are going to finish our book! That's right, we are finishing it. That doesn't mean that we aren't doing any more exploring of the book after this, it just means we can go all the way to the end today.

The Green Ship 6

Now that we know how the story finishes, today's activity is a chance to reflect on how it ends. 

Did you notice that at the end the children are shown as teenagers? This gives us an idea of the amount of time the story is set over. How does this ending make you feel? How do you think the children would have felt at the end? This would be the perfect chance for a debate in class, however we can't do that right now. So, instead I'd like you to practise writing reasons for different opinions on questions. Here is your first question:


Should people interfere with nature?

Yes                                               No




Write that on a piece of paper and try and write reasons under 'yes' for why people should interfere with nature, and then try and write under 'no' why people should not interfere with nature.

Next try the same for the following question:


Is change always a good thing?