Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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We are going to continue developing our creative and descriptive writing today, using the storm pictures from yesterday.

Use the ideas you came  up with in your poem yesterday to help you write some creative sentences. I would like you to think about using different lengths of sentence to build tension (several short sentences followed by a longer one), carefully chosen adjectives and similes. You can also try using personification, in which you describe something as though it is a person. So in today's writing you would describe the storm as though it is a person.
Have a look at this example to give you ideas:
Darkness descends, turning day into night, as an army of threatening clouds invade the sky, throwing spears of rain at the ship. The wind wails, The trees tremble. The waves wrestle with the vessel. not a soul can be seen as the passengers desperately seek safety in the bowls of the ship.


Using my example can you spot the adjectives? Can you spot where I used shorter sentences to create tension? Did you spot any personification?

Use these ideas to try and write your own description of the sea and what it does to things in it.