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An Exceptional Place to Flourish


As we have covered quite a few pages now, let's recap the story before we continue on to our next activity point.

The Green Ship 5

Look again at these pages of the storm.

Look at how differently Quentin Blake has used colour in these 2 illustrations compared to the previous pictures in the book. Why do you think this is? How does the use of colour in these pictures make you feel? What sounds might you hear in these pictures? How would the mood be different between these 2 pictures?

Choose one of the pictures and write descriptive phrases for the picture. Remember to use adjectives and adverbs. Watch this video of a storm at sea for inspiration.

Lightning Storm Time-Lapse, Pompano Beach, Florida

After a scorching hot day in Pompano Beach, Florida, an early evening lightning storm approached the coast with its mesmerizing light show.VIDEO © COPYRIGHT ...

Write at least 6 descriptive sentences about the storm at sea, using adjectives and adverbs. Focus on a different aspect of it for each sentence, for example how it looks, how it sounds, how it would feel, the lightning, the wind. 
For an extra challenge try and use a simile.
Put your sentences in the order you think is best to make a descriptive poem (cut out your sentences to re-order them if you think it will make the poem better, then stick them to a new piece of paper).