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You'll be pleased to know that today's English is all about me giving you examples of different similes and showing to you how we can make things more interesting and descriptive using them.

Below I have written a description of an image, after you have read the description have a go at drawing and colouring a picture of what I have described.


'Its a picture of a bird that is black and white, it has two eyes and a beak. The animal is hidden under some white fluff.'



I think that description is a bit boring and I could definitely try and make it more interesting. I've had another go below using what we learnt yesterday.


'It is a picture of a bird that is as small as a mango. It's tummy is white like snow and its head is both black and white. It has two eyes that are black like coal that stand out on a white background. The animal is hidden under some white fluff that looks as soft as a blanket.'


Which one of these sentences did you prefer? I definitely think the second description is much better. I have added the picture I was talking about below to see if it is similar to the picture you had in your head.