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An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Yesterday we saw Jemmy Button arrive in England on the boat with the visitors and we explored what it was like for him. Today we get to look at a few more pages. Stop the video at 2 minutes 52 seconds to avoid spoilers.

Literacy Counts - Jemmy Button (Story time Counts)

Stop at 2 minutes 52 seconds

Below you can see the illustrations from these 2 double-pages a bit clearer.

In this part of the story, Jemmy is taken into a shop on the Victorian high street to be dressed in Victorian English clothes. I wonder what Victorian high streets and shops were like?


This video shows a collection of various photos and images from Victorian shops and products that were sold.


A video showing various scenes of Victorian shops and advertising.

Look at the activity sheet below and try and fill in as much information as you can from the picture provided. With an adults help you could try and research to find more information for each section. Once you've done that have a look at the answers  to learn more about each of these parts of the Victorian street.