Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Yesterday we met a new character in the story, The Green Ship, Mrs Tredegar. You also did a 'role on the wall' to help understand what she was like. Today we are going to explore this character a little more.

Let's start off by writing some adjectives to describe her at the top of your piece of paper.
Next try and think of some adverbs. To help you, think of something Mrs Tredegar does, then write a word to describe how she does it. Remember, adverbs usually end in the suffix -ly, but not always.

If you want to try and find some more creative word choices, can you find a thesaurus you can use? Maybe an adult can help you use an online thesaurus?

Using the ideas, vocabulary, and different sentence starters to try and write descriptively about Mr Tredegar. Here's an example to give you ideas:



Mrs Tredegar is a slim, elegant lady in a violet dress which falls just above her black, pointy shoes with sleeves that reach her wrists. On her head sits a mustard coloured sun hat covering her grey hair which she wears in a loose bun. Around her neck is a rose coloured scarf tied neatly like a sailor’s knot. Whilst her face is pointy, her eyes are kind and she wears a warm, friendly smile. When the children first meet her, they are unsure what to think of her as she appears to be strict like a captain ordering them to clean the decks, however, she soon shows a more welcoming side by giving the children tea with delicious cakes and sandwiches. She is also a patient teacher as she trains the children to crew the ship. Mrs Tredegar is surprisingly adventurous and imaginative for a woman of her age and seems to know a lot about sailing!