Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Yesterday we got to start our new Power of Reading book and look at the first few pages. You then all got to be creative and imagine what you think could have been the astonishing thing that the children saw through the trees. Here are a few of the wonderful ideas that some of you had in school, and even some sent in from home (thank you so much to those that sent in work as I requested).
Today you will get to see the front cover of the book and a bit more of the story.
First of all, now you can see that our book is...

The Green Ship

Still image for this video

Now that we've seen a bit more of the story, we can explore the thoughts and feelings of the characters a bit more. For your activity I would like you to draw pictures of the children and include thought bubbles to write their thoughts or feelings. You could also add some speech bubbles of things you think they may say.
For those of you that would like a bit more writing you can write descriptively starting with the following sentence:
"Alice and her brother were walking through their aunt's garden when suddenly, through the branches, they saw something astonishing! There was...."

Don't just write "a ship", but add adjectives. Use the following prompts to help you:
- what does it looks like?
- how big is it?
- can you use any similes? Remember that these will use the word 'like'
- why is it there?
- what else is around it?

- how does it make them feel?

- what will they do next?