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As we start a new half term we also have our new Power of Reading book. So, here to get us started on our new book!

New Power of Reading book...

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You don't know the title, you don't know the author, but today you'll get to see the first few pages.

Today's activity will involve some predicting, some inference, and some creativity.
Firstly I would like you to rewatch the video. Look carefully at the pictures. How do they make you feel? How does the descriptive vocabulary that is used add to this feeling?
Now, close your eyes...

Imagine that you've pushed aside all the plants and can see what the children have just seen...

What could it be that'd hidden in the jungle? What could it be that is so astonishing?

Now I want you to make a picture of whatever you think it is. You can draw it, paint it, make it out of collage, whatever you like! Make your picture, and then label what you've drawn. Can you add adjectives to help describe it?

For an extra challenge can you write descriptive sentences about it? Try explaining why you think it could be there. Where did it come from? What is it made out of? Add as much description as you can about it.