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As we get closer and closer to Christmas I wanted to do some Christmas inspired writing with you. Now, I'm sure that you've all already written your Christmas wish list, however today we are going to think about what you've like for Christmas to practise our descriptive writing.

1st: write the things that you want for Christmas in a list. What kind of words are these things?.......

Nouns, because they are things.


2nd: can you add an adjective to each noun on your list to describe something about it. Think about your different senses to help you.

3rd: add a reason to why you want that present. What makes it so special that you would it it for Christmas? You'll definately need the conjunction because for this step.


Here's an example:

a teddy bear


a huge, soft and cuddly teddy bear.


For Christmas I would like a huge, soft and cuddle teddy bear because it will help to keep me warm in bed in the Winter.