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For our English lesson today, we are going to continue on from yesterday's Learning Quest. So, if you've not done that yet, you'd better go have a look at that!
In our next few English lessons we are going to work towards writing a short story all about the character that we designed and created last week. Today I want us to spend some time really thinking about the character and describing as much about them as we can. Have a look at the sheet below:

For the first part you need to think of what your character is called. This can be as serious or as silly as you like, but they will be the main character in your story, so choose something you like.

Appearance: this is a chance for you to describe in detail what you character looks like. Consider as many different parts of their appearance as you can, and describe them using imaginative adjectives.


Personality: what is your character actually like as a person? How do they act and behave? Are they kind? Are they serious? Funny? Mean? Do they play tricks? Are they generous or are they greedy? Are they courageous? Think of as many different words that you can use to describe what you want your character to be like. The more you decide about your character, the easier they will be to write about in your story.


What do they do? In the story you're going to write, what does your character do? This could be if they have a job, go to school or anything else like that. It could also be what important things they do in your story.


Change: All good characters in stories go through some sort of change. Either they learn to do something they couldn't do, they understand something they didn't know before, they have a friendship that they didn't have, or they may have a different role in the setting by the end. For example, in 'Arthur and the Golden Rope', Arthur started off being alone and unliked, but by the end he is the town hero. What will happen to you character?