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Yesterday we finished the story of Jemmy Button and reflected on the experiences Jemmy had throughout the story.  The story is all about the changes he went through when he was removed from his family and home to experience the incredibly different world that he was taken to. A lot of the story is told through it's pictures, with very few words on each page. Over the next few English sessions we are going to practise our descriptive writing by re-telling the story step-by-step.


Today, I would like you to choose 1 part of the story that you enjoyed the most. This could be when Jemmy is still at home in the jungle, when he is on the boat to England, when he is exploring the Victorian streets, whatever you like. First of all, you can take time to do some acting and pretend you are Jemmy in that scene. What does it look and feel like to be there? Next draw your own picture of that part of the story. Once you feel like you understand what is happening, how Jemmy felt, what all his senses were experiencing, try and write your own descriptive page about that part of the story. Imagine that your page of writing is telling that part of the story to someone who doesn't know the story and add as much detail as you can.


This will be our first step in retelling the story of Jemmy Button,, but all you need to do today is focus on this one part of the story. I really hope to see what you write, remember to email them to me any work you're proud of.