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The time has come! Today we finally see how the book Jemmy Button finishes. I'm just going to let you watch it. Enjoy!

Literacy Counts - Jemmy Button (Story time Counts)

You can watch all the way to the end today!

So Jemmy finally get's back to his home and his family, and we leave him, as we met him, sat on a tree looking out over the sea. How did this ending make you feel? How do you think Jemmy feels? There is actually more to this story, but I'll share that with you when we are back in class together next week....

Your activity today is to practise your skills of inference, thinking about how Jemmy may be feeling. You can draw your own picture for the end of the book, but add thought bubbles of what you think Jemmy might be thinking and feeling, and speech bubbles of what you think he may say.
For an extra challenge, put these ideas into full sentences describing Jemmy's thoughts and feelings at the end of the story.