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We have nearly finished Jemmy Button. In fact today is the last day you'll have to pause the video before the end. Tomorrow we are going to finish the story! So for today, watch the video up to 3 minutes 52 seconds.

Literacy Counts - Jemmy Button (Story time Counts)

Please stop at 3 minutes 52 seconds

Now we have seen Jemmy board the ship back home, and lots of people waving at him as he begins the journey home. I wonder what it must feel like to have all those people cheering and waving to say goodbye to Jemmy. What do you think he is feeling? Think about all that Jemmy has experiences over the story. 

For your activity today I would like you to do some more practise writing in the first person. Today you are going to imagine that you are Jemmy, and write a letter home to his family. You're telling them that you're coming home, and how that makes you feel. Tell your family about all the things that you have seen and done, all the friends that you have made. Are you glad to be going back to the jungle or not?
Usually in a letter you would start with an address, but as this is fictional and writing to the jungle you can skip this (or make up a fictional address if you like). 
When you've finished have a read of what you've written and check if it needs any improvements.
When you're proud of your finished letter you may not be able to send it to the jungle, but you could send it to me in an email to see!